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Saint Symphorien Military Cemetery WW1 Centenary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and David Cameron attended the ceremony, which marked 100-years since Britain joined WW1, a conflict that cost 17 million people their lives.

St Symphorien Military Cemetery is unique: opened by the Germans in 1917, taken over by the British after the war, it holds more than 500 graves, roughly half German and half British and Commonwealth. It also holds the first and last British soldiers to have died in WW1.

The seamless tree graphic was developed from photographs taken in the New Forest, near Southampton, UK. The building wrap effectively camouflaged the double-deck press gallery, and other structures around the cemetery.

Pitch document, Photography, Graphic design, Building wrap.


Royal Windsor Endurance

Set design & production. Graphic design for directional signage, banners, and Royal Box for the Royal Windsor Endurance race.

The castle consists of two 10m tall scaffold towers joined by a 20m bridge. The structure is wrapped in bespoke graphics printed on PVC. The graphics were developed from details from Windsor Castle. The towers were 3D modeled, lit and rendered to achieve the trompe l’ceil effect.


Toyota Paris exhibit on the Champs-Élysées

In it’s flagship location Le Rendez-Vous Toyota on the Champs-Élysées, Paris, Toyota wanted to create an exhibition that ‘brings the Toyota quality story to life’.

The exhibition space is upstairs so there is a prominent graphic on the stairs to lead the audience up there. The stair graphic reflects both the Toyota corporate style and the exhibition aim.

View from the top of the stairs showing the installed stair graphic. The graphic incorporates bespoke very high-res photography of Toyota car parts to show their build quality.

View from the top of the stairs showing the installed stair graphic. The graphic incorporates bespoke very high-res photography of Toyota car parts to show their build quality.

Stair graphic: Beyond leading the audience upstairs, the graphic aims to showcase the Toyota quality story by displaying photographs of very large ‘hyper-real’ car parts and the people who make them. Appropriate car parts were obtained from Toyota for very high-res studio photography to take place. Toyota empowers it employees to take pride in their work and output. One of the ways it does this is by use of an ‘andon cord’ strung throughout their production line. The andon cord can be pulled by any assembly technician any time they find a fault. Pulling the cord causes the whole assembly line to stop while the problem is analysed and rectified. The idea is if you can solve a problem at its source, that lifts the overall quality of the lines’ output. The andon cord is used repeatedly throughout the exhibit. It is one of Toyota’s unique-selling-points. The swoosh is an appropriate element here because it’s overall shape fits the stairs, but its graphic dynamism is important for drawing the audience onward and upward.

Window Graphic:  The window graphic went through various iterations. The final was much more understated than earlier versions. It evokes the toyota assembly line, shows skilled people at work, and references the Toyota factory andon cord. (see ‘stair graphic’ for an explanation of the andon cord) It also remains transparent so that the lightness of the glazed mezzanine is preserved.

Toyota Paris: Final glass graphic

Toyota Paris: Final window graphic

Interactives: graphics for the various inter actives were done. Due to the location of Le Rendez-Vous Toyota on the Champs-Élysées, all text is displayed in French and English

Directional Signage: Although it is not really required, the exhibit does have a narrative or a direction based on the flow of the production line. To make the flow more obvious for visitors, floor graphics were conceived.