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Audi Polo Event Cambridgeshire UK

The stage set is made in three pieces. Three identical fiberglass parts were taken from a mold. Care was taken to reduce visible repetition in the polygon pattern. Edge polygons were kept whole so as to reduce the visual impact of the seams between the panels.

The design was refined using sketchup. the initial panel was made into a component and copied twice more so visual impact of changes to the polygons could be assessed in real time. Using this method you have a lot of confidence that the finished piece will fit together seamlessly and will turn out as you envisaged.

Stage set design, Media wall. Bar Backing.


Saint Symphorien Military Cemetery WW1 Centenary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and David Cameron attended the ceremony, which marked 100-years since Britain joined WW1, a conflict that cost 17 million people their lives.

St Symphorien Military Cemetery is unique: opened by the Germans in 1917, taken over by the British after the war, it holds more than 500 graves, roughly half German and half British and Commonwealth. It also holds the first and last British soldiers to have died in WW1.

The seamless tree graphic was developed from photographs taken in the New Forest, near Southampton, UK. The building wrap effectively camouflaged the double-deck press gallery, and other structures around the cemetery.

Pitch document, Photography, Graphic design, Building wrap.


Royal Windsor Endurance

Set design & production. Graphic design for directional signage, banners, and Royal Box for the Royal Windsor Endurance race.

The castle consists of two 10m tall scaffold towers joined by a 20m bridge. The structure is wrapped in bespoke graphics printed on PVC. The graphics were developed from details from Windsor Castle. The towers were 3D modeled, lit and rendered to achieve the trompe l’ceil effect.


Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Spectacular involving 550 horses and 1,100 performers from around the world to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. The four day event took place on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Everything you see, was built for the show. The stage, modelled on Buckingham Palace provided a backdrop for projection, and opened up to reveal an orchstra stage.


Serco stage backdrops

The backdrops were built using stock photography and delivered as a layered photoshop file. Art-workers then swapped out the lowres positionals for highres.